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Expert Upholsterer

Skyline Furniture is looking to hire a highly skilled upholsterer, responsible for working with factory leadership and upholstery line foreman to create and maintain an efficient production flow, hiring and training workers as necessary, specifying materials for purchase, and setting quality standards. Candidates must have in-depth knowledge of contemporary upholstery techniques, strong communication and management skills, and a great eye for detail and craft.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with our design, engineering, and production teams on new product development
  • Train and mentor upholstery line workers to quickly learn and become productive in the following:
  • Inspect wood frames and identify any defects and communicate to Line Foreman
  • Utilize pneumatic staple gun to prep wood frames with soft materials such as webbing, foam, or polyester fiber
  • Inspect prepped frames with webbing and soft materials and identify any defects and communicate to Line Foreman
  • Upholster furniture by applying pre-cut and sewn fabric to pre-assembled and prepped frames using the best upholstery techniques available based on the task at hand
  • Inspect upholstered furniture and identify any defects and communicate to Line Foreman
  • Work to evolve and grow upholstery workers’ skills by continually learning and teaching new techniques to improve quality and speed over time
  • Collaborate with quality control personnel to establish and execute quality control processes
  • Ensure all upholstery machinery is being used properly, and identify opportunities to automate upholstery processes when necessary
  • Analyze production data, late lists, etc. to identify and resolve any production issues
  • Regularly inspect finished products to determine if they meet established quality standards
  • Identify new and support existing special projects and process improvement initiatives


  • Drive to create high quality products fast and efficiently
  • 8-10 years of experience working in high end upholstery
  • Ability to draw and interpret design templates, conceptional drawings/photos
  • Expert knowledge of upholstery tools
  • Mature and proactive, with evidence of working hard and well with others
  • A team player that is committed to lifelong learning and success for the company and its employees

To Apply

Please email with resume and "Expert Upholsterer" in the subject line.