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From our founders

When Norman Wecker started Skyline Furniture in 1946, he laid the foundation of a legacy brand. He understood that a great business is built by great people, and that mantra holds true to this day. We have honed our craft over the years, passing down skills and knowledge through generations of families that have worked within our factory walls.

While Skyline is our family’s business, we know that a great company is always the sum of its parts. With the help of our incredible team of craftspeople, innovators, and artists, Skyline has perfected the art and science of producing quality upholstered goods. We effortlessly blend traditional manufacturing techniques with cutting-edge technology to deliver custom made-to-order products to millions of homes around the country.

Skyline has been a labor of love for over 75 years. We’re proud of our reputation for being innovators in the industry, yet at our core we’re still the Chicago-based furniture company that Norman envisioned all those years ago.

From our hands to yours.



We've become known throughout the industry for our designs, unique shapes, and bold print and patterns. Our wide array of textiles and silhouettes are often designed in-house, pulling from over 75 years of archives and an extensive library of bespoke textiles. 



Guided by decades of experience, every piece of our furniture is handmade. With materials sourced from throughout the U.S, our team works hard to ensure top quality and eco-conscious practices at every stage of production and design.



Our balance of innovation and tradition has become our hallmark. From pioneering an e-commerce-focused supply chain to digital printing and rendering, our commitment to technology has made us one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the country.

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It's the details that make our furniture so unique. We offer a range of upholstered products for the bedroom, dining room, living room, and office and all of our pieces are made-to-order, featuring endlessly customizable fabrics and finishes. You can find our custom-made furniture at top retailers online and across the country.


In the grand scheme of the furniture industry, there are very few brands that manufacture in the United States, particularly outside of North Carolina. There are even fewer that are run by female executives. But that’s what makes Meganne Wecker a true unicorn. She is the president and chief creative officer of Skyline Furniture Manufacturing, which is a brand founded by her grandfather.

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Furniture Today

"For more than 75 years, our company has been proud to represent a diverse mix of race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status."

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New York Times

A growing number of e-commerce companies are offering personal choices at affordable prices. It’s a similar story at Skyline Furniture, a manufacturing company outside Chicago that was founded in 1946 and offers quick, custom-made furniture produced through recently acquired equipment.

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